About the Groomer

Karen Almand C.A.H. has been grooming since 1989 after graduating from Classy K-9 School of dog grooming in San Diego , california. but actually started out groooming  show horses at the age of 13, learning handleing skills as well as techincal skills very young...
 i bought my first shop right out of grooming school  in el cajon, ca and am forever grateful for all the learning that happened there in the next 14 years.
  durring that time i went mobile grooming one day with a friend, and was hooked...along came an opportunity to buy an old van with cliental one day from another friend who was moving away to az.
  i started that business while still working the shop too...slowly building it up with loyal clients who booked yearound in 2003 i decided to be mobile only, selling my shop to a mentor i had been with for 14 years there.
  by 2005  things had changed and i was now moving to az also, following a fellow groomer and friend here made things a lilttle easier , but continued to go to san diego to groom clients dogs until early 2006, another groomer friend of mine Lisa Nelson took on a lot of my dogs in san diego, el cajon, and chula vista. 
 i love arizona im not going anywhere. 

For over 19 years Karen has attended grooming expos in calif, nevada and arizona, in 2004 she competed in her first grooming competion, the following two years she competed in the sporting division she recieved best in class 2 years concecutvely on 2 beautiful english springer spaniels that are finisihed champions...

 The picture above was taken at POOCHINIS grooming salon in mesa az, at a grooming seminar given by APPGA ... Karen  gave a presentation on a poodle lamb clip, along with Mavis Vernon.

   Karen  Almand has also been involved for many years in both the southern california and arizona grooming associations , being a board member on both and also being on the lisencing board for both states..currently there is none for either state. 
 She was made chairman of san diego chapter of so-cal grooming association[SCPGA], but lack of partipation from others prevented its development.
Karen Almand is a director for the az groomers association [APPGA], and they plan in the future to provide groomer certification for arizona groomers who would like to partipate, with testing, training ,and mentoring,  something a groomer could really be prideful of...and also proving their work and knowledge of their skills.
  It will probably also have health and safety, sanitizing, and safe handling skills included.. for the safety of all pets involved in our care this is important.
  but this will unfold as it is developed further...


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